Case Notes

Case Note – Mohamed v. Iglesia Evangelica Oasis de Salvacion

The New Jersey Court of Appeals has issued an opinion in favor of a pedestrian injured at a parking lot operated by a church in Hudson County. The case addresses the question as to whether a church or other charitable organization is liable for injuries suffered when she tripped on a defect in the sidewalk …

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Case Note – Polzo v. County of Essex

The New Jersey Supreme Court issued a decision in Polzo v. County of Essex. The Court considered whether a county could be held liable for a fatal accident that occurred when a person lost control of her bicycle while riding across a two-foot wide, one-and-one-half inch depression on the shoulder of a county …

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New Jersey Law Archive

New Jersey attorneys now have the ability to retrieve the original .PDF version of decisions published after January 6, 2012. In New Jersey, the original .PDF decisions of appellate courts are made available on the court’s website for only 10 days. After 10 days, the original .PDF version is only available through paid services. The …

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