Construction Defect

Most construction defect issues can be prevented with the use of adequate contract documents and the use of an independent professional during construction. It is of paramount importance for home owners to contact an attorney before entering into a home improvement contract. An experienced attorney will be able to assure that construction contract documents provide the adequate protections to which home owners are entitled. The attorney will also conduct due diligence and ascertain whether the contractor is licensed, insured and has obtained all of the required permits before the construction work begins. However, if you have already started your project, it is never too late to contact an attorney experienced in construction defect litigation.

In the event that a contractor has failed to complete your home improvement in accordance with the contract, or has left construction defects behind, the very first thing you should consider doing is contacting an attorney. This is the case because fixing the defective construction, or completing the incomplete construction work, may lead to evidence issues which could preclude you from being successful in court. In addition, an attorney will be able to put you in contact with competent professionals to evaluate your claim and design a repair. In the event litigation is needed, a construction defect lawyer will represent you in the litigation.

Daury Lamarche has years of experience representing homeowners in construction defect claims. While he strongly recommends that you contact an attorney early on in the home improvement project, it is never too late to contact him. Whether you are considering a home improvement project, or have been harmed by a contractor or builder, Mr. Lamarche is available for a free consultation.

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