The approach used by an attorney in representing clients is of crucial importance. Litigation is a long and expensive process and should never be the first procedural choice. Before commencing litigation, it is important to explore ways to achieve the desired goal. Often times, pre-litigation negotiations can provide the desired results. However, when negotiations yield little, or time some time passed without any significant results, litigation may be the only way forward.

Aligning your expectations with the attorney’s litigation approach is important. Different litigators may approach a the same problem in different ways. Some litigators tend to engage in “scorched earth” litigation while others take a “settle at any cost” approach. Under the “scorched earth” approach, a litigator may spend hundreds of hours litigating marginally important issues. While the outcome may improve, the cost of reaching that improved outcome may not be justified. Under the “settle at any cost” approach, an attorney may be more interested in settling the case than achieving the client’s goal and may concede vitally important issues for the sake of compromise.

Daury Lamarche believes in a balanced litigation approach. Under the balanced approach, an attorney focuses on the issues which drive the litigation and vigorously represents the client. In addition, while settlement is always considered, it is not considered when it would result in depriving the client of their rights. Mr. Lamarche has the litigation experience necessary to achieve great outcomes.

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